Mobile impurity in a quantum system

30 01/2014

Thursday, 30 Jan. 2014, 15:30 - Mon, 27 Jan. 2014, 16:30

Workgroup Schmiedmayer Group

Presenter: Thierry Giamarchi
Host: J. Schmiedmayer
Where: Atominstitut Hörsaal

Understanding the physics of a mobile impurity in a quantum system is a long standing problem. Indeed a quantum bath is strongly affecting the properties of the impurity leading at best to renormalized parameters, such as the mass, and potentially to radically new physics. I will discuss this problem for the case of a one dimensional bath for which the Luttinger nature of the bath leads to a novel set of properties, such as sub‐diffusion for the impurity. I will also discuss such physics in the light of the experiments on cold atomic gases targeted to probe these issues, and in particular the ones of the Florence and Munich group.